In 2003, with just $6,000, I started the journey toward crafting my own vodka. It began with a small still in the basement of my home in Massachusetts, and within a year, I was on my way to Krakow, Poland. The main reason for the trip was to meet with a world-renowned vodka expert who was going to help me realize my dream, but as it turned out, I got much more than that.

Being the first member of my family to return to our homeland since my great-grandfather in 1960, I knew nothing about Poland. My first day there, I had no special place to go … so I just started walking. At first, it seemed I was making my way through a park, but that park led to a side street, and that side street led to the main square — the most beautiful I’d ever imagined.

From the moment I laid eyes on St. Mary’s Square, my life was changed forever. The very first person I encountered was a woman with a wide smile that radiated happiness … the spitting image of my deceased Babcia. In that instant, a feeling washed over me, and I recognized why maintaining our heritage had been so important to my father: This is Heaven. This is the place where V-One Vodka will take flight.


Our passion has always been about crafting the finest farm-to-glass vodka. We were the first producer of vodka made exclusively from organic spelt grain (orkisz in Polish), the ingredient at the very top of the distillation pyramid.

In February 2019, we completed a multi-million dollar purchase and 12,000 square-foot expansion of our very own distillery in Kamień, Poland, about two hours southeast of the capital Warsaw and just a few miles from the birthplace of vodka.

From the sale of my first bottle in September 2005 to today, I have been obsessed with the entire vodka-production process. My dream was to have my own farmland to grow spelt, my own distillery and my own bottling plant, providing complete control over every step. For five years, I searched Poland tirelessly for the ideal location. Once I saw this historic distillery located right next to the world-famous Vistula River, I knew this was the perfect place to craft V-One.

Paul Kozub
Creator, V-One Vodka

Valley Vodka Inc, the maker of award-winning V-One Vodka, announces that it will donate $1 for every bottle sold in the month of March, according to founder and V-One creator Paul Kozub.
Kozub will be going to the V-One distillery located in Kamien, Poland on Sunday, March 6th, and is bringing $5000 directly to the border next week to support the refugees. The distillery is located about 2 hours from the Ukraine border.
The announcement of support is currently on Facebook and other social media outlets.
Kozub explains, “My life was forever changed for the better when I made my first trip to Eastern Poland 17 years ago to start my craft vodka business. In 2019, I purchased a distillery in Kamień, Poland, it is just a few hours from the Ukrainian border. I feel compelled to do something to help the people of Ukraine.”
V-One Vodka has been crafting small-batch vodka in Eastern Poland since 2005 and in 2019 they purchased their own distillery in Kamień Poland, about 2 hours southeast of Warsaw. It is available to ship to 26 states on